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Monday, December 03, 2001
      ( 6:50 PM ) Linda  
Another worry. J has gone to the police station to report that Ed hasn't been home in three nights. He was reluctant to go and I understand, but there is NO one to look after Ed's welfare. Pity. But true. He's been gone an hour and I've been alternately pacing and cleaning. Hard to concentrate with this unknown hanging in the air.

Busy day and productive. Lots of shopping and errands done. Had a response re my note to The Writer's Spa and pulled some pieces of writing from my files to send them for consideration. I won't even mention it to anyone since the chances of being accepted for the week in Taos are slim, if none. Better to keep this to myself. I'll priority mail the packet to Jennifer tomorrow. It was too much to mail and I'm never certain the format won't screw up.

Great book tables arrived today from Levenger! I underestimated their height but they're quite handsome. Now to find a good spot for both, side by side. Levenger has zoomed to the top of my list, I think. Ordered all-weather mocs from Lands End--two pair!

Nice note from Jill, thanking us for the wedding gift of Tiffany crystal candlesticks. I was impressed with both the content of the letter and the swift response in writing to us. I must say after last fall's disappointment over the last Tiffany gift we sent, I wasn't encouraged about the generation X's capability or grace.

Postcard from Fred in Paris was typically cryptic. How many years has he done this--dropping lines on postcards from foreign cities? Hmmmm...something like 27? Imagine! #

      ( 2:27 AM ) Linda  
Another sleepless night. Rather, an early waking again. It's gotten to be habit so I've taken advantage of the opportunity to enjoy some solitude in which to write, read, play a few games of backgammon online, drink a cup of Earl Grey with honey and lemon, and surf the net. Found a couple of interesting sites for bookmarking. One led me here. Blogging. Don't think this will replace my love of the feel of pen on paper but why not experiment? Writer's Spa. Taos. June. Now there's something to consider. Might be too late for registration but I'll pull out writing samples anyway. does this work? #


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